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I have decided to make this my role playing account for my original character Dr. Julian Matthews, a psychiatrist working hard at Arkham Asylum. But, by nightfall he goes by the alias of Foolish Pleasure; the masked drug dealer, who supplies the main crime syndicates with pure grade A narcotics.

If you wish to know more about Julian just ask me. Face claim for Julian is now Eoin Macken , and I use Joe Manganiello and Eoin Macken for GIF's.

By the way, what I post and many of the role plays I do are NSFW! They involve drug use, violence, heavy sexual content, mild to intense gore, and crude language. Read at your own risk. I track the tags foolishpleasure and foolish-pleasure. M/A are welcome!!!!


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"Little lamb, silence your bleating as I take you to the slaughter and leave you for the Pygs…"

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{~♥~} ”It’s just….I normally see Ju-Ju— I mean- Dr. Matthews.”

"Shh, do not speak my true name on the streets. S’for you to know and to keep the others guessing baby."

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{~♥~} ”Oh….Looks like you’re back, Foolish….”

"I’m always around, you just gotta know where to look."

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foolish-pleasure said: "Well, I've never had two walk ins at once. Perhaps you ladies are a couple? Couples therapy isn't really my specialty but I can give it a shot."




Darla’s reptilian eyes shot stakes at the psychiatrist; “I’m just leaving her here, actually. I like to think of myself as above places such as this.” She pushed the stumbling seer forward, nose crinkling with revulsion.

Drusilla sniffed and looked at the ground, a drowned rat going incognito as a vampire. “Please don’t leave me here Grandmummy. The walls have mouths, the walls have mouths…” She wept into her trembling hands.

The blonde, elder vampire rolled her eyes; “I trust you have a spare cell here, Dr…What did you say your name was?”

"Spike’s up sometimes…’Specially when I’m around." She rambled aimlessly, not really understanding what he meant. "Ooh, I can tell stories! Spin them like silk, suffocate the world with webs and words. Hmm…Once upon a time there was a little girl, who so desperately wanted to be a princess and win the hand of the wisest, bravest knight in all the land. I ate her. And they all lived happily ever after."

She looked up at him with a demented smile, somewhat comparable to a portrait with the paint running from the mouth downwards; “Your turn!”

He sat there a bit dumbfounded from listening to Drusilla’s true story, twinging internally at her twisted grin. Julian didn’t hesitate for too long, he didn’t want her to catch his nerves.

"What an interesting story, I hope it was Snow White you devoured. I do not care for that princess at all." Julian commented, tapping at his beard. "Ah, I have a story. It’s a good one indeed, but it’s a bit sad near the end so would you still want to hear it?"

"I swear, if I see or hear the word darling one more time…I will gladly let them discover what I went through in that chapter of my life…”


     While his expression faltered into something glum, she kept it tight. A thin line that was exposing borders of a frown. Simple enough, glancing over at Julian. Her own eyes stared back, well past him with a hint of a spark. 

     ”It’s not gonna’ end pretty, but we’ll make it work. 
     I’m gonna’ be there, an’ I’m gonna’ do what I did
     for you back when we first met them. It went smoothly
     without a fight or exposin’ myself. I will this time if
     all goes down. I won’t hesitate. Alright?

     You say my name out loud in weary, an’ shit will go down.

"What if they take me out while I’m put under the knife? And you’re a damn good assassin, but would you be able to take that whole fortress on if shit were to hit the fan?" Julian piled on the questions, each one filled with worry.

Usually he didn’t fear death. The only time death or the thought of dying scared him was when it happened or might happen to those he loved and held close. God he had to keep it together, Julian couldn’t break down so easily now.

If he didn’t man up and fly straight soon, the cartel would have no problem playing onto his doubt. “No, you’re right. I’m sorry Gabrielle, there’s no sense in making myself panic like this.”