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I have decided to make this my role playing account for my original character Dr. Julian Matthews, a psychiatrist working hard at Arkham Asylum. But, by nightfall he goes by the alias of Foolish Pleasure; the masked drug dealer, who supplies the main crime syndicates with pure grade A narcotics.

If you wish to know more about Julian just ask me. Face claim for Julian is now Eoin Macken , and I use Joe Manganiello and Eoin Macken for GIF's.

By the way, what I post and many of the role plays I do are NSFW! They involve drug use, violence, heavy sexual content, mild to intense gore, and crude language. Read at your own risk. I track the tags foolishpleasure and foolish-pleasure. M/A are welcome!!!!

Going to be spending time with my girlfriend tonight :3 so I won’t be on much tonight to work on drafts.

If I owe anyone replies though that I think I have missed, please like this post.

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                            m a n y          things and


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                   none     of          them

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            How can i { S L E E P }

                                                      — if i don’t have s

                        —i just have nɨǥħŧmȺɍɇs



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“I still love you” is the saddest fucking sentence in the whole world

foolish-pleasure said: "And how can I help you?" He asks with curiosity.





"I i heard you are psychiatrist i-i have issuses ,and i need someone profesional to talk to." @foolish-pleasure

Julian gave her a warm smile, placing a hand on her shoulder gently. “You’ve come to my Private Practice, this is where I see children, teens, and adults from many walks of life my dear.”

He said kindly as he made his way to sit at his desk. “I will never turn away a person who is in need of my aid, no matter what.”

"T-thats really ,nice sir…its-its just ,since i had my problems ,nightmares . I cant sleep ,my mind is just filled with all of these images,they are frightening me."

"Nightmares, we’re all plagued by them and they can be quite terrible." Julian said pulling out a box of tissues for her.

"Tell me, when did they first start? And what do these nightmares consist of…ah I never got your name."

"It-its Vesna sir."She spoke while looking up at him while,bringing tissues closer They started when acident at my lab happent,My colegues they got hurt,and despite nobody knows what ,happent,and i ceep having these horrible dreams ,about green like spectral beasts,killing my friends collegues and me again and again.i-i oh god guilt is consuming me ,i i felt like i did it but i didnt and oh,god…" She brought her face to her palmst as she started to cry.

"Vesna, easy now. I don’t want you to get worked up like this dear." Julian said getting back up to kneel by her side, rubbing her back as if she were a child in need of comfort.

"Here let’s take a few for you to clear it all out first. Do you need some water too?"


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You know it’s really hard to view information about other role play blogs on mobile.

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Sometimes our muses can become naughty children who need to be put in timeout. He knows he did wrong and on some degree he’s okay for now. I guess it’s cause Julian saw his friend Kelpie and calmed down even further…