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I have decided to make this my role playing account for my original character Dr. Julian Matthews, a psychiatrist working hard at Arkham Asylum. But, by nightfall he goes by the alias of Foolish Pleasure; the masked drug dealer, who supplies the main crime syndicates with pure grade A narcotics.

If you wish to know more about Julian just ask me. Face claim for Julian is now Eoin Macken , and I use Joe Manganiello and Eoin Macken for GIF's.

By the way, what I post and many of the role plays I do are NSFW! They involve drug use, violence, heavy sexual content, mild to intense gore, and crude language. Read at your own risk. I track the tags foolishpleasure and foolish-pleasure. M/A are welcome!!!!

Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

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Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too


Throwing caution to the wind, I'll run free too
foolish-pleasure said: "Well it's been a while since I've seen your mask in Gotham. Must have been quite a vacation." The dealer spoke through his own mask.


"If that is what you wish to call it."


Not that he was going to confirm nor deny, but rather, to ease around such an assumption instead.
That just made things much easier, didn’t it?

He’d like to think that it did.

"You’re not missing much, other than a few new villains plaguing the streets. Some of them like to play god too." Foolish said, crossing his arms.

"Honestly, is this city really worth saving?"

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troia-donna-troy said: "Um...Julian, I need to share something with you." The Amazon bit her lower lip, dropping her gaze for a moment she looked down at her feet then back up at him. "I really, really like you."







"Oh really? I’m quite flattered Donna, but I have to ask…you think you can handle the chaos that comes in and out of my life?" Julian replied, sitting back in his office chair.

Donna nodded her head as she took a seat across from his desk. “Yes, I can handle chaos Julian. My life if pretty chaotic as well, so I know how to deal with certain situations.”

Looking from Donna his gaze traveled down to the tattoo of his ex on his forearm. He knew Jezebell had moved on to another complicated relationship, and he was letting himself suffer.

Was it okay to start something new? Could he really try to commit despite all that he hid? Letting out a deep breath, Julian smiled lightly at the Amazonian.

"We can give this a shot, I mean what do we have to lose here? You’ll have to meet my girls of course."

The Amazon sat there watching Julian stare down at his tattoo, looking away she bit her lip nervously wondering if he was having second thoughts. Maybe she shouldn’t have confessed her feelings to him or he didn’t feel the same way about her.

Hearing him let out a deep breath she glanced up at him to find him smiling. “We don’t have to give us a shot if you don’t want to…I certainly hope your girls like me handsome.”

"Donna no it’s not like that." Julian started, getting up from his chair to stand by her side.

"I’m holding onto to something I’ve destroyed, and I wanted to repair it. But I’m just doing more harm than good."

"I need a new season in my life, not a marathon of older episodes. So let’s take this step."

Standing up Donna gazed up at Julian with her ocean blue eyes, picking up his hand she gave it a gentle kiss and held his hand close to her heart. “I promise things between us will work out and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make you happy.”

"Everyone deserves happiness and to be loved, so that is exactly what you shall get." She gave a nod before smiling sweetly at him.

He smiled at how Donna was so willing to make him happy, Julian leaned in to kiss her cheek.

"I like your vow baby, but don’t strive to make me happy above anything else. I want something real, where the emotions are raw and lively. I want days where there is nothing but bliss, and then the days where we might have petty arguments and then make up for them later."

He finished what he had say to say by kissing Donna, letting it last minutes between them before pulling away.



"Yeah it’s…odd. Sometimes I get into that mindset that you say I am, and then…nothing." The man griped, rolling his eyes as he kissed Jasmine’s lips once more.

"Maybe everyone naturally develops moments of weakness in their life."

{~♥~} She purrs again. “I’m not a weakness, right Julian?” Her big, brown eyes meets his.

"No Jasmine, you’re not a weakness to me. If anything you provide me with hope and comfort." Julian murmured, nuzzling her cheek.

"You have purpose in this world, do not forget this and do not let the bad thoughts tear that away from you."

yellowskinnedwackyman said: I could use some of that too, pal!







"Eh? What are ya in the market for Creeper?"


Oooo do tell! *puts face in his hands,grins*

"I’ve caught the fancy of a hero I did! Creeper my friend, she used to be called Wonder Girl. Now it’s Donna Troy apparently, either way the woman’s a real looker."

Oh wow, congrats, dude! She’s a real catch!

"Thanks buddy, but now I gotta be real careful about…well you know the nightly activities."

I’m guessing you’re implying that you can only go so far with her.

"Let’s just say I don’t want to get caught with my mask down. She might be sweet on me, but the woman’s still a hero at the end of the day."

Should’ve known you’d bring me heartache

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