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I have decided to make this my role playing account for my original character Dr. Julian Matthews, a psychiatrist working hard at Arkham Asylum. But, by nightfall he goes by the alias of Foolish Pleasure; the masked drug dealer, who supplies the main crime syndicates with pure grade A narcotics.

If you wish to know more about Julian just ask me. Face claim for Julian is now Eoin Macken , and I use Joe Manganiello and Eoin Macken for GIF's.

By the way, what I post and many of the role plays I do are NSFW! They involve drug use, violence, heavy sexual content, mild to intense gore, and crude language. Read at your own risk. I track the tags foolishpleasure and foolish-pleasure. M/A are welcome!!!!

will be online tomorrow. bye everyone.



                   In no time they were already at the division’s main hallway, and in the end the door was already visible. “Indeed. But maybe another time. Now, there you go, your so desired exit. Try not to get lost again, hmm~?”

"I’ll try not to love and I won’t forget that pretty face if we ever meet again." Julian sighed with relief, happy to be back in the city.

"I thank you once again." He spoke with parting words as the man made his exit.

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"Let me tell you a tale for a penny, one that you can not hear anywhere else. Not anywhere else, I heard from a birdy it doesn’t end purdy. It doesn’t end well….No it never ends well."




                   "Chérie, there is no drug that you have that I can’t make better. But it was worth your try. “  What a cute fool. 

"Well, ain’t that just damn shame. Sorry I don’t have anything that piqued your interest there Dita." Julian retorted, shrugging his shoulders.



         ::     ◤◢     ::

        ⋯I guess I don’t have much of a choice then, do I? It’s either that or we stare at each other for 30 minutes. Just— do me a favor, okay? Try not to judge me or lecture me too much. I know why I’m in this mess, trust me. I think about it more than I’d like. I don’t need someone else telling me how bad I fucked up, I do enough of that on my own. We are our own worst enemies after all. If you can do me that, just that, then I think for once it’d be nice to talk to someone without having to lie through my teeth. 

"Hey I’m not here to pass judgement on you nor am I going to give you a lecture. I listen and I listen well, afterwards I try to help you conquer all of those internal enemies you harbor. No need for lying here, trust me. Nothing leaves this room, everything we talk about is private."

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"You know, I’m kind of jealous. Endana likes you and her father more than I do."

She strut down the sidewalk leading back up to her house, arms crossed. It wasn’t a threat, but there was some sadness to it as she waited for Endana to join them.

"She’s still a bit busy packing. Belle might be pickin’ at her, too. The girl’s been giving off some really bad vibes since she couldn’t come visit you.

"… How you doin’? Juriell isn’t torturing you too bad, is she? I don’t think she likes men very much."

"Hey she’ll come around Jez, she just needs some time is all. You’re a good mother despite the way Endana acts towards you." He replied, finishing off the cigarette and snuffing out the rest.

"I don’t mind waiting for them, and that sounds like Belle which is always adorable. Juriell? She’s like…well have you seen that youtube video about the cat named Bon Jovie?" Julian chuckled lightly.

"That’s basically how it is."

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                 A smile rose on the black lips, but she made no mention of making it visible for her…guest.

                    "Then you must enjoy it. Now, give me my options and I shall pick one.”

"Well, there’s money but I think my worlds currency wouldn’t have any value here. The other option is I can give you some drugs, you name it and I probably got it." He commented happily.

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They’ll have to:

  1. Rate on a scale of 1-10 how much they don’t want to answer that question.
  2. Answer that question truthfully.

'Keep it together man, you're simply here to pick up Endana and check in on Belle. You're gonna ignore the ex-girlfriends and not cause a damn scene.'

Julian thinks to himself as he waits by his car in front of Jezebell’s house. A joint would have been a better choice rather than a cigarette to calm his nerves.